Thinking about starting therapy? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Haley and I am a BBS registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (#119071) with Mindfulpath, Inc (www.mindfulpath.com) under the direct supervision of Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Erica Ives (#33456). All therapy sessions will be conducted through Mindfulpath, Inc. If you are interested in therapy, please email me at Haley@Mindfulpath.com to schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation to discuss your therapeutic needs. The length of a therapy session is 55 minutes. The fees for individual, couples, and family therapy are $150 per weekly session.

I received my Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois. The university’s CACREP accredited counseling education department prides itself in cultivating trauma-informed and culturally competent graduates. Through intensive education, clinical practicum and internship, and peer/instructor accountability, I have cultivated a practice that is dedicated to equality and inclusion. I am an identity affirming/weight inclusive therapist and recognize the importance of acknowledging how intersectionality affects everyone’s mental health journey differently.

What I specialize in

eating disorders

anxiety and depression

body confidence/self-esteem

identity discovery

trauma and sexual trauma

bariatric surgery

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Individual  therapy

Therapy is a meaningful and intentional relationship between you and your therapist. It is a relationship unique in nature, built on trust and safety. Whether it be for overcoming certain emotional obstacles, developing emotional growth and awareness, or general mental health maintenance, we can work together to navigate towards a path to healing.

Couples/Family  therapy

The relationships we cultivate throughout our life are important pieces of our emotional narrative. Navigating the complexities that come along with relationships, whether in a couples or family setting, can be difficult to manage alone. Having a therapist to help facilitate communication, provide insight, and teach constructive coping skills can help couples and families build bridges to better understand the dynamics found in their unique relational framework.

*Poly-Friendly Provider

Current therapy  groups

Health At Every Size, Bariatric Support Group – This guided, open, psychodynamic group aims to explore the impact of bariatric surgery from a “Health At Every Size” perspective. This group explores the relationships members have with family support, food, and body image. More directly, member’s connection to the body, acknowledgement of hunger cues, and the ability to recognize mindful/intuitive eating and emotional eating patterns while building healthy coping/emotional regulation skills. This group is open to those who are considering, scheduled for, and post-surgery individuals.

$75 per session

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