Body love


In this social-emotional group, I will navigate you and your peers through exploring what it means to actively engage in a loving relationship with yourself.

What To expect.

Once a week, for six weeks, we will meet for a two-hour group coaching session. We will discuss weekly goals, share individual experiences, and build authentic & vulnerable relationships while working through a curriculum I created. Through a variety of coaching techniques, we will make a routine for sustaining realistic self-love. I will walk alongside you through this process and put in the same amount of work you put in. We are in this together.

What You get.

$200 for six weekly, two-hour coaching sessions.

A weekly curriculum, reviewed in session.

Weekly “Body Love” reflection prompts.

Entry to Body Love’s private Facebook group.

25% discount on continued Group Coaching.

Discounts on Group Therapy with Mindfulpath, Inc. (Eligible only for California residents.)

The Body Love Podcast

The transformation.

build a community with peers to discuss and normalize body image struggles

discover what it looks like to reboot your self-esteem

explore the meaning of self-worth and how to implement positive self-talk

notice how to recognize and combat negativity bias

personally navigate what it means to operate from a solution-focused and strength-based perspective

create an authentic space with active listening techniques focused on equality.

identify your unique relationship with food without shame or judgment